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Bell Yard II


Rear perspective of the proposed work-in-progress residential development. Central London.

© Jimi Deji-Tijani/MWA, 2017

Produced with Indigo Renderer and 3ds Max.

Jarvis Road I

Proposed interior for a recent project of an architectural practice.



Fact or Fiction I


Keywords: Solemn. Cold. Reflective.

Convergence between the incomprehensible (in this case the digital) and the physical (in the case an actual photograph I took on location).  By bringing together a convergence (through an extensive list of digital effects and camera tricks), the image is attempting to change the fictional into a recent fact. Who is to say that the architecture never existed in this location? A convincing image can blur the answer to this question.

Produced with 3dsMax and Indigo Renderer.

Doodle #1

From time to time, I like to put together a random scene, and make something out of it. Similar to how someone might scribble on paper and create an awesome drawing out of it, I do the same, but just digitally. Not to mention that it gives me the opportunity to experiment a bit. Sometimes a lot. This particular “doodle”, as I have called it, was like being in an empty room. I already had a lot of objects I modelled from scratch to hand. So it was just a case of picking and choosing, akin to arranging furniture in a space. To put this scene together probably took only 10 minutes. More time was spent on small tweaks, like the books, and the rug. It turned pretty awesome to be fair. There’s something of a retro style to the image with a splash of modern from the pictures on the wall.

As always, I aim for CG realism, so almost everything in the space can be bought; the Karlsson Pictogram clock, the Ligne Roset Sala Chair, Accademia Agra Side Table, various Taschen books (which I actually own, and then scanned, and then textured onto the book models), and the Domus Pit table lamp.

Some post-pro; tonemapping, some high-pass sharpening, and slight change to colour balance.

I don’t normally like uploading full-resolution images because I would like to think that I, the “artist” in this instance, should have some level of exclusivity over the image. But this one deserves it. Might do a few more soon.