Realising Ideas

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Pretty Perspective can bring clarity to your design ideas with true to life photographic illustrations across a range of formats such as visualisations (aka CGIs) but we can cater for a lot more upon request.

What can I use a CGI for?

CGIs are the best option in projecting your vision; whether that is for communicating to a client, for presentations, or to aid the production of documents, such as planning applications, or manuals.

Taking sometimes hard to read CAD drawings and turning them into sensitive and emotive images are the expertise of Pretty Perspective.

A near photographic depiction of an idea can be the tipping point to getting that green light; be highly adaptable, and can offer a plethora of different options and solutions, bringing value to the design development process.

The Process

The process is hassle-free at Pretty Perspective, with just four stages…


You provide as many project files of the proposal as possible (to ensure a high-quality output).


We will create a fully accurate 3D model of the proposal, and we will consult with you on material finishes, colours, lighting, and other important elements crucial to a creating that pretty picture!

The specifications pertaining to the project are added to the 3D model.


The requested camera positions are implemented, before the rendering process begins. Depending on the number of images requested, and the complexity of the 3D model, the rendering time may vary.  Before the rendering process, drafts may be submitted to you for approval**.

Once the drafts are approved, the rendering process is taken to completion.


The images are graded, post-processed and checked for consistent quality before a final image finally being submitted to you. Hassle free with a reasonable turnaround!

Pretty Picture complete!

All types of visualisations can be processed at Pretty Perspective. Interiors, exteriors, concepts, product shots, montages and more. Feel free to explore the site.

For more information or a quote for your project, get in contact by email:

** Reasonable changes (within scope) to the model/image (s) based on feedback from the draft (s) are acceptable, but major changes (outside scope) will incur an added cost which reflects the time needed to implement them.