A slightly different experiment here – I tried to use the rather powerful capabilities hidden within 3dsMax itself – Nitrous. By switching to the Quicksilver Renderer, and then making use of the NPR Explorer (which gives hidden, custom, fine tuned options on how the graphical styles turn out), it is then possible to create some very interesting images from a resource that is usually overlooked.

One of the added benefits with Nitrous and Quicksilver is that standard lighting options can still be used – so I added a daylight sun and then modified the lighting until I was content with the fall of the shadow and glare intensity.

The graphical style used for this image was “Graphite”, and then the aforementioned NPR Explorer was used to modify the line weight, black/white levels, and even the angle of the pencil strokes.

Turned out quite well, and the image rendered under two minutes. Too bad that I canned the architectural idea I was pursuing with this image and a few others. Still – it probably would work well for a desktop background.