Experimentation with Processing (P5)

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Processing is an open-source platform that allows one to script code to their hearts’ content, with a satisfying visual outcome – if you know what you are doing. The experimentation I undertook was to create a pseudo-fractal sketchpad, which was entirely controllable via mouse, with left-click to pause, right-click to re-draw, and a host of keyboard functions.

Turned out quite well, and developed many iterations of the same experiment, until it got rather complex (and visually very interesting), as seen below. The ‘biro-pen’ look was entirely intentional, to give a sense of a sketch.

The final version developed was entirely mouse-interactive; depending on where one moved the mouse, the circular spirals would shift in scale (minuscule to huge), and in direction (the spirals would move either clockwise or anti-clockwise).

As a result, the user is entirely in control of the image that is generated – in contrast to previous versions which were automated and the only control the user had was the placement of the spiral, relative to the page (either on the X or Y axis).

One of the aforementioned earlier versions below. It generated interesting results – rather colourful in appearance.