Overlap Cinema is not a typical cinema space. The concept developed is to create spaces from just one plane, which would fold over on itself, and form the basis for other key areas within the building.

The attraction of this principle is the possibility for a floor to fold into a wall, and then fold over again to create a ceiling. The ceiling would then fold and form the wall for an entirely different space. It would then appear to have the illusion of overlapping – consequently the inspiration behind the name Overlap Cinema, a wide ranging academic project.

This was a project that was re-modelled in Max (specifically for the competition) after the original was made in SketchUp for academic purposes. After leaving that program behind, it was only logical (if I wanted a fully operational model) that it had to be re-made in Max. This also meant that I could experiment more with the atmosphere and intent that was to be portrayed, which was key to the basis of the image. The original version can be seen below.

InteriorView4 copy

While on one hand I wanted to keep the camera view that was in the original image, but with light being the catalyst in which everything followed, extra features such as mesh cladding and fluorescent lights behind them to diffuse the illumination were added. With a more mature approach to architectural design, it was also an opportunity to add features that would give feasibility to the image, and also the chance to omit features that retracted from that.

Tiny details such as fire exits, spotlights for secondary illumination, heating pipes and floor air extraction were all added to improve the totality of the image. There is a general nod to the original image, but it was imperative for this version to take on a mind of its own. A very successful render.

Key words: intricacy, dynamism, form, shadow, light