The image that was eventually commended by the RIBA Journal to feature in the magazine.

In conjunction with Enclosure Architects, the Boathouse (or Glass House) is a project located near Regent’s Canal, with extensive ground and first floor renovation, plus addition of a thermally isolated glass house on the second floor. The basis for this image, was to portray the weightlessness and freedom of the design.

A high resolution HDRI map was employed for this image, in a change from the usual Sun/Sky system used for other images. I wanted to capture some drifting clouds both in the near and far constraints in the image, which resulted in some beautiful reflections from the glass structure. Particle based grass was modelled and instanced in relation to a diffuse map, which is effectively a colour map which tells Indigo what colour to give to each grass blade, all of which results in a very realistic depiction of grass.

As mentioned previously, the model was ready to go given that it was used for work purposes. Therefore I was able to spend more time getting the image to a depiction that suited me.

Colour grading and post-processing including sun glare, and slight haze were added. I was not entirely happy with the image, and thus two different versions were created.

The entry images came in at 4000×2250 which are some of the largest resolutions that I have ever produced.

Key words: dreamy, ethereal, sympathetic