This was an image that was reworked from the initial original depictions for work purposes. The model itself was very simplistic, because more focus was spent on the texturing and composition.

Personal favourite, especially due to the foreground elements. The image for the composition was colour-graded before final output.

Designed by Enclosure, and based on the competition that ran a few years ago, this project embarked on the process of trying to find a convergence between between landscape and architecture, hard and soft.

It is hoped that the structure will change appearance with age, due to the effects of weathering and other environmental factors. It is in this sense that the Panopticon would be seen to be dynamic; as the trees lose their leaves and change appearance, as the grass starts to turn brown in the winter, the Panopticon would also be transforming, akin to a living structure/organism, that can be seen for miles.

Key words: evolution, omnipresent, blend, transition