Much of the detailing for the project has changed recently, after much deliberation over the structural and construction feasibility of what I initially proposed. Gone is the concreted ceiling, and instead very warm and characterised timber panelling, which would be held in place with rectangular aluminium channels, and all bolted down onto the glass framing. An aluminium fascia painted black would be wrapped around the panelling from the exterior to hide this.

The glass framing itself would be a combination of epoxy glue, and countersunk bolts. I have seen this on site a few times, and is actually very neat. Where the two glass frames meet at the corner (as seen in the image) will be held using braces, painted black to conceal it, with silicon strips running in between to seal it from external air.

I was initially concerned about condensation (misty glass, dew drops, etc), but I wanted to temper this with the brief of low energy use. Thus, 5cm wide air venting integrated into the 2-3mm resin flooring was necessary. This will be passive however, as a relatively small space will not need an aggressive HVAC system.