Often you will find that when you scribble on paper, your drawing will often transform into many forms. It seems that is what has happened with my “digital” doodle, as it were, because I saw an opportunity to take the experimentation one step further, by focusing on specific parts of the scene.

A bit like an eager photographer skipping through a garden and taking various macro shots of beautiful flowers until they find one that clicks. I think that may have happened here, but the advantage of the work I do is that you can modify until you are happy. To give some extra spice to the image and to characterise it, I added a Design Ideas’ Cabo Pencil Cup; as with all my CG stuff, I like to keep an element of realism. No aliens here thank you.

Three different tonemaps were blended together to give the image its final colour grain. For flexibility, the lights were also separated, hence I could render two completely different images in just one go. I like the catalogue-style product shot in these images, works really well. I am not sure which I prefer; the moody lighting of the second image is quite seductive. Not so much “architecture”, but interior design. Even so, it is the detail that counts.